Aceso Global Annual Report 2021

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The 2021 Annual Report provides an overview of Aceso Global’s projects and activities over the past year. 2021 continued the challenge of living with and managing COVID-19. Some combination of the availability of vaccines and growing immunity helped to loosen economic restrictions, open up travel and allow a modicum of personal interaction in much of the world. But the tragedy of deaths across the globe is a reminder of both the vulnerability of humanity and a call to action to both prevent and better manage future pandemics.The resilience of economies and healthcare systems were tested, and their unique weaknesses and strengths exposed.

Aceso Global’s 2021 agenda reflected the outgrowth of the COVID-19 response particularly with our work with Wellcome Trust advising on the health financing components of High Level Independent Panel (HLIP) on Pandemic Preparedness and Response. A major endeavor entailed comparing the preparedness, response and resilience across five major Emerging Market (EM) economies that highlighted stark differences in national responses to the pandemic. A third undertaking was an assessment of effective COVID-19 responses across countries at all income levels. We also saw continuation of important work that ultimately will help build resilient healthcare systems – alignment of public and private healthcare in EMs, Health Financing training for the Malaysia Ministry of Health, pursuing quality training in Honduras, and building capacity on key social insurance and private sector engagement topics through joint work and partnerships with a group of engaged Emerging Markets and Developing Countries (EMDCs).

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