UHC & Value-Based Care: Building Quality and Value

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Aceso Global CEO Maureen Lewis presenting in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2019.

This presentation discusses the role of payment systems in advancing value-based healthcare. Value-based healthcare seeks to contain health system costs while raising quality of care and patient experience. As purchasers of healthcare services, public and private payers have considerable leverage in setting the incentives for healthcare providers to achieve these goals. Alternative payment arrangements like pay for performance, bundled payments, shared savings/risk and capitation all have the potential to transform healthcare financing and delivery, granted they are matched with strong accountability for quality and other indicators, and backed by data for management and oversight. This presentation summarizes these and related issues. Aceso Global CEO Maureen Lewis gave this presentation at a policy dialogue on Innovative Financing to Achieve Sustainable Universal Health Coverage in Jakarta, Indonesia sponsored by Johnson & Johnson in November 2019.

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