• The Philippines is introducing Service Delivery Networks (SDNs) to strengthen integration of care
  • Aceso Global is assessing progress to date in two provinces to inform the future design of SDNs

Aceso Global is working with the Philippines’ Department of Health to assess ongoing efforts to implement Service Delivery Networks (SDNs), which aim to strengthen provider-to-provider linkages across levels of care. Working jointly with researchers and government in the Philippines, the Aceso Global team facilitated the development of three tools to assess healthcare facility features related to integration, as well as to identity linkages (or lack thereof) across facilities and programs. The tools have been applied in two provinces thus far; the results will be used to refine the design and implementation of SDNs nationally.

The tools build off of the Vertical Integration Readiness and Diagnostic Tool, a product of the Joint Learning Network (JLN) Vertical Integration Learning Exchange, led by Aceso Global. See here for more information.

Support from: The World Bank; Joint Learning Network; Joint Learning Fund



Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

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