• Aceso Global is supporting multi-stakeholder analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • COVID-19 has highlighted the necessity for stronger, more resilient healthcare systems
  • These workshops laid the groundwork for a Joint Learning Networking ongoing “Community of Practice” focused on the scaling of e-consultations

The Learning Exchange Patient pathways and pandemics: Covid-19 and Beyond explored experiences, challenges, and innovations in providing comprehensive and continuous COVID-19 case management and contribute to rethinking the patient journey to build stronger, more resilient healthcare systems. The priority focus areas for future Learning Exchange activities included:

Workstream A: Covid-19: Patient pathways, protocols, care settings, and digital health solutions

Workstream B: Maintaining/restoring essential health services and complementary digital health solutions

The Learning Exchange hosted two case-driven, deep-dive workshops under each workstream to explore various aspects of these themes.

Support from: Gates Foundation on behalf of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Healthcare



Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

Jonty Roland

Associate Director

Esteban Bermúdez

Program Associate

Madeleine Lambert

Senior Analyst

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