• Patient flow bottlenecks contribute to long wait times, staff burnout, safety lapses and high costs in Mexican public hospitals
  • Expensive solutions used in high-income countries aren’t applicable in Mexico’s context
  • Aceso Global assessed patient flow challenges and advised on simple interventions that could dramatically improve hospital operations at little additional cost

Aceso Global worked with nine public hospitals in Mexico to pinpoint inefficiencies arising from poor patient flow across hospital departments. Through site visits, focus groups and review of available hospital data, the Aceso Global team found that patient flow mismanagement is common, with negative implications for patient safety and satisfaction. Yet simple changes in processes – based on data, tailored to the hospitals’ context and implemented through a bottom-up approach – could help the hospitals become significantly more efficient without added costs. Aceso Global’s work proved that hospital staff strongly support such novel improvements.

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Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

Maureen Lewis

CEO & Founding Director

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