• Fragmentation and weak primary care have created volume-driven, hospital-centric health systems in many countries
  • Integration of care across levels can improve outcomes and affordability
  • Representatives from five national governments participated in the Aceso Global-led JLN Vertical Integration Learning Exchange to understand, assess and implement vertical integration efforts in their countries

Aceso Global supported five low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in increasing their knowledge, analysis, design and testing of healthcare integration efforts. As the Lead Facilitator of the Joint Learning Network’s Vertical Integration Learning Exchange, Aceso Global convened participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sudan and Vietnam to discuss vertical integration experiences, barriers and opportunities in their countries and globally. The group jointly produced a modifiable tool for LMIC policymakers and implementers to assess ongoing and/or implement new vertical integration policies, programs and pilots at the national, regional or facility-level.

The Learning Exchange was an initiative of the Joint Learning Network (JLN), an innovative, country-driven network of healthcare practitioners and policymakers from LMICs globally who work together to bridge the gap between evidence and action in the health sector.  

Support from: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

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Senior Non-Resident Associate

Joanne Shear

Senior Non-Resident Associate

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