• High investment in health has not translated to desired health outcomes in Qatar
  • Aceso Global designed and delivered a training for government officials and healthcare managers on how to use payment systems to incentivize quality and efficiency 

Aceso Global designed and implemented a training for government officials and healthcare managers in Qatar on Incentivizing Quality Improvement through Strategic Purchasing and Effective Provider Payment. This workshop introduced the concept and benefits of strategic purchasing, and necessary elements of successful public purchasers. Participants also learned about provider payment arrangements that can encourage quality and efficiency, such as pay-for-performance, case-based payments and global budgets, as well as how these have been structured and implemented in other countries. Through this project, Aceso Global has been able to contribute to a critical part of Qatar’s ongoing health reform efforts.

Support from: Institute for Healthcare Improvement


Maureen Lewis

CEO & Founding Director

Jerry La Forgia

CTO & Founding Director

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