Lizeth H. Rubio is a Senior Health Systems Specialist at Aceso Global. She contributes to various projects focusing on health management and system strengthening in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), employing innovative health interventions to create sustainable and equitable healthcare solutions. At Aceso Global, Lizeth is involved in projects aimed at enhancing public health systems in the LAC region and fostering regional cohesion and strengthening institutional frameworks in the ASEAN region. Her expertise centers on health financing and evidence-based decision-making, utilizing research, evaluation, and data analysis to enhance organizational efficiency. She also has over eight years of experience in genomic disease surveillance and vaccine development for Neglected Diseases in LMICs and has collaborated with countries in Africa, Latin America, and Europe on a broad spectrum of health-related interventions. She holds a BS in Molecular Biology, an MSc in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology from the University of Edinburgh and an MBA and Master in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

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