Dr. Hasbullah Thabrany serves as a Senior Health Care Financing Consultant to the National Security Council (DJSN) via the Palladium Inc. He is the chair of the Examination Board of Health Insurance Education of the Association of Health Insurance Managers of Indonesia (PAMJAKI), which he founded in 1998. Dr. Thabrany has also served as chairman on numerous other boards, including the Indonesian Collegium of General Practitioners and at the Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies at the Universitas Indonesia. Notable project experience includes his role as a key expert in designing Indonesia’s National Health Insurance, as well as his involvement in several studies on cost and quality of care for non-communicable diseases such as thalassemia, hypertension, kidney failure and diabetes mellitus. Dr. Thabrany earned a medical degree from Universitas Indonesia, as well as a DrPH in Health Policy and Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

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